10 Best White Noise Apps For Android in 2022

We all need to relax at some time of the day, but many people cannot fall asleep by themselves and need the help of melodies or soothing sounds to do so. Hence, we will show you the best white noise apps for relaxation.

On Android’s Google Play Store, you will find tons of white noise apps. Most white noise apps are available for free, but they require a premium subscription. Also, not all white noise apps were effective.

List of 10 Best White Noise Apps For Android

So, in this article, we have tested and listed some of the best White Noise apps for Android smartphones. Let’s check out.

1. Calm – Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm - Meditate, Sleep, Relax

Calm is a number one application in terms of mindfulness and meditation, as it simply brings us a lot of joy and peace in our life. Hence, it is ideal to start a journey with a calm mind, mornings with the best energy level, and is perfect for meditation, as we told you earlier.

Moreover, it also includes many white sounds and melodies that help you calm all your anxiety and manage stress, happiness, self-esteem, and concentration.

2. Rain sounds: relax

Rain sounds: relax

Listening to the water when it falls in the rain can be the most relaxing sound for many people, and for this reason, we have included an application that simulates them very well.

In this app, you will find high-quality rain sounds, perfect storms, rain on leaves, showers, rain on roofs, rain in tents, rainy nights, thunderstorms, and more.

3. White Noise Generator

White Noise Generator

The white sounds are everywhere, as they can be the air, the sound of the rain, and all the sounds that relax people. White Noise Generator is an application that combines all the relaxing sounds to create a unique mix that helps you sleep, relax, and concentrate.

The sounds that stand out most were rain, cars, thunder, wind, forests, streams, falling leaves, fire, trains, fans, and many more. You may notice that they are somewhat strange, but they are very effective.

4. BetterSleep


BetterSleep is an Android app that could help you sleep and feel better. The app can greatly help you understand and improve your sleep with its sleep tracking feature.

Apart from sleep tracking, BetterSleep also brings many sleep sounds, brainwaves, and white noises. You can mix those sounds to create your very own soundscape.

5. Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

Atmosphere: Relaxing Sounds

The app has various relaxing sounds that recreate different environments considered calm. You have to choose between the sound of a stream, with the crackle of a bonfire and birdsong included, or the peace of a beach, where besides the waves, we can add the sound of a distant ship, a storm, or even a guitar that sounds awesome.

6. White Noise: Sleep Sounds

White Noise: Sleep Sounds

White Noise: Sleep Sounds is another best Android app that offers White Noise, sleep sounds, and meditation music.

The app is excellent for relaxing, sleeping, meditation, and concentrating. Not just that, but the app claims to help those who are struggling with sleep troubles (insomnia) and tinnitus.

7. White Noise – calm, concentrate

White Noise - calm, concentrate

White Noise – calm, concentrate is another excellent white noise app that offers users music for relaxation, sleeping, and concentration.

Not just that, but White Noise – calm, concentrate also allows users to create their own favorite mixes to improve sleep. So, White Noise – calm, concentrate is the best android white noise app you can use today.

8. White Noise Sleep Sounds

White Noise Sleep Sounds

White Noise Sleep Sounds is another popular white noise Android app on the list that could help you sleep better. The great thing about White Noise Sleep Sounds is that it packs sleep sounds and nature sounds that could help you relax and fall asleep.

The app is heavily popular on the Google Play Store, and it’s already featured on some popular portals like ABC, Wall Street Journal, etc.

9. Relax Meditation

Relax Meditation

Relax Meditation is another best Android app that you can use to relieve your body stress and mental stress. Relax Meditation brings in a wide range of relaxing sounds to help your sleep quality.

The app brings a wide range of White noise sounds like Frog Sound, Wild Animal sounds, etc. Apart from that, the app also offers peaceful music for deep meditation.

10. Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds

Sleep Sounds is a highly effective app that you can use on your Android smartphone. The app claims to relieve stress and anxiety by playing the sleep sounds. All of the sleep sounds were scientifically proven to help take control of your sleep.

Also, sleep sounds can relieve stress, insomnia, tinnitus problems, and more. It also has White noise for the baby’s sleep.

So, these are the best white noise apps for relaxation, with melodies and white sounds. I hope this article helped you! Please share it with your friends also. If you know of any other such apps, let us know in the comment section below.


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